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Our prices are calculated as follows:

1. The cost of establishing the connection - this may include the set up and ongoing costs of a telephone line, for example with France Telecom, and also the cost your subscription to the broadband provider or ISP
2. The cost of the hardware you will use to connect to the internet.  We offer and support a range of devices to support all needs
3. The cost of any additional products and services (such as VOIP and on site installation)
4. Our standard fees for establishing your connection, configuring and testing your router and dispatch

This means we can get your connection up and running for as little as EUR280 including a fully configured wireless router and English speaking support - and as we're not tied to any ISP we will advise you on the best ADSL package for your needs.

Ad hoc Support charges:
Support for non Broadband in France clients is charged at EUR65 per hour and taken in 15 minute installments.  Credit card details will be taken in advance of any support and the client will be informed of the total charge at the end of the support call.  For  technical or Administrative issues, clients will be informed of the likely support cost (for example 2 hours) at the outset of the call and will be notified during the course of resolution if the amount will exceed this figure.

All prices are quoted in EURO's with nominal Stirling equivalent.  Telephone Line and ISP prices are subject to change by each supplier, however accurate pricing for every service is made to each client prior to order confirmation.  Payment for all  fees and hardware must be made at the time of order either via EURO cheque, electronic transfer or credit card.  No work will be undertaken on behalf of a client until payment has been received.

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