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In addition to delivering broadband solutions our team is able to help you resolve any problems you have with France Telecom, SFR or other French Telecoms providers.

Our expert team are fluent in French and can easily help to identify and resolve any problems you have such as billing, loss of service or even just to find out what the best package is for you.

Our specialists will take time to understand your problem, liaise with the provider and then help you find a solution - saving you time and reducing your stress! You no longer need to spend 30 or 45 minutes hanging on the end of the line trying to speak to someone - we do that for you!

We simply charge on an hourly basis for our time to resolve your problem.  Our charges are EUR65 per hour and most problems are resolved between 1 to 2 hours.

Why not contact us now on 0845 8695879 in you are in the UK or 04 50 34 17 29 if you are in France to see if we can help make dealing with France Telecom, SFR or your broadband provider a less frustrating and stressful process.

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