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Put simply we take all the legwork and hassle out of establishing your internet connection.  Our french speaking staff make all the arrangements on your behalf in order for you to have WIFI or wired internet connectivity in your apartment or house.

Stage 1:
We start by helping you decide which solution is best for your needs, the solution is usually comprised of the choice of internet service provider, speed of connection, type of router and whether you require any other services such as VOIP (telephone over the internet).

Stage 2:

If required we set up your telephone line with France Telecom and ensure that is it functioning correctly.  Once we have established a telephone line we set up the account with the ISP (Internet Service Provider), ensuring that bills are sent to the address that the client has supplied either in the UK or locally in France.

Stage 3:

Once we have received the account details for the client from the ISP we then pre-program and fully configure the modem router at our service center.  Each router is custom programmed with unique login and WIFI settings.  Once programmed each router is tested to ensure that the account login information is correct and the device can establish an internet connection.

Stage 4:

We then check that a client's telephone has been correctly set up to support ADSL by the telephone line provider (in most cases France Telecom).

Stage 5:
Once this is confirmed we either dispatch the router, account information and detailed instructions on connecting to the router, by guaranteed courier or we install the router onsite on a date pre-arranged at the time of the order.

We fully support our service and are on hand for example to help courrier dispatch clients through any initial 'plug in' problems.  We also offer a 'remote workstation/laptop' setup option for both Windows 2000/XP and Apple MAC OS X 10+ machines.
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