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In addition to supporting our own installations and hardware we offer a paid for support service for clients who are experiencing difficulties with their current internet access.

How we can help!
1. Hardware:
We are able support most current UK and French hardware including routers from the following manufacturers:

Orange (Livebox)
SFR (Alice Box)
Club Internet

2. Technical Issues:
Our technical support team is able to assist with diagnosing network issues that may be due to ISP or telephone line problems.  Our french speaking team is able to work with ISP and France Telecom network engineers to diagnose and swiftly fix your problem whilst keeping you informed of progress in language that's easy to understand.

3. Administrative Issues:
Through our extensive knowledge of French working practices and the major service providers we are able to provide active support to clients that may have run into billing or other administrative problems.

Please see our What does it Cost? section for full details on support pricing
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